Smartphones Are Crazy Again Because Apple Is Boring

Apple is to blame for why smartphones are ridiculous again. They've become boring, manufacturers are doing insane things, and I love it. Here are some of the crazy things coming out!...

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Smartphone sales declined globally last year and even Apple and Samsung were hit pretty hard. In many ways Apple popularized certain technologies that were often released first by one or two Android manufacturers. Even though Apple wasn't first, they're often the ones to execute well and in turn many other Android manufacturers would follow suit.

The issue is that Android manufacturers have just been copying and not innovating and Apple hasn't done much to come up with anything groundbreaking on their end either. They've become boring. More stable and refined, yes, but also boring. This stagnation is leading to people skipping their upgrades for another year or two or finding cheaper alternatives.

This lack of innovation on all fronts combined with the dire smartphone sales projections has led to a sort of second awakening of smartphone innovation that is absolutely nuts and totally fun. We have foldable devices everywhere, massive batteries, smartphones you can wear on your wrist, and phones you can unlock with the veins in your hands. It is an insane wild, wild west of smartphone ideas and it's all thanks to Apple being boring.

Thanks, Apple.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, a massive battery, foldable phones, controlling your smartphone w/your hand...Smartphones are ridiculous now and it's Apple's fault..and I like it.
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Published 5 years ago


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